Posted by: tilesocorguk | March 19, 2010

Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies Ceramic Exhibition, Philadelphia.

Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies Ceramic Exhibition

March 19, 2010 – April 19, 2010 6:00pm

In partnership with the Tile Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens will host a juried art exhibition of tile and mosaic artworks called Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies (TTTFF). The exhibition is inspired by the rich history of tile and mosaic art in the Philadelphia area over the past 100 years. Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies explores contemporary tile making and ceramic mosaic as a story-telling medium in the spirit of artists Henry Chapman Mercer and Isaiah Zagar. The call for entry requested narrative tiles that could include social, political, personal, and family stories. Renowned ceramicist and art historian Susan Tunick selected the works for the exhibition. Held in the gallery of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, this month-long exhibition will provide an appropriate venue for tile and mosaic artists from around the country to make powerful and socially meaningful statements.

More details

Please note that TACS is not responsible in any way for this Exhibition.


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