Posted by: tilesocorguk | May 29, 2011

Architectural Terracotta Research Blog

I would like to inform TACS I’ll be travelling to the USA to research architectural terracotta this is summer. I have been lucky enough to be awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship and I’ll be studying the differences in UK and USA terracotta application historically and in contemporary context. The initial stops I’ll be making are outlined on a map on my blog here: I will be posting news and photos throughout my travels which I hope TACS members may be interested in following.

Amy Smith



  1. Amy.

    Congratulations from a Churchill fellow of 1982.

    I studied ‘The use of Satellite Broadcasting for Remote Communities and Ethnic Minorities’. My studies took me from the frozen high Arctic of Baffin Island, NWT, Canada to the sunny island of Tahiti, French Polynesia.

    My fellowship served me well. I now am at BBC News, and in the last few years have worked in all the continents except South America. Latest deploy being to Tripoli, Libya..!

    Here is hoping that you get as much from your fellowship as I did and that it serves you well in later life. I wish you well on you journey.

    Why is it that I write on the TACS site? It is that my Polish wife is doing a study of the ceramic tiling here in Krakow, Poland, and beyond in Central Europe.

    Kris Partridge

    • Hi Kris,

      Thanks for getting in touch and its great to hear what your Fellowship did for you. I’m excited to see where this will lead, this year promises to be exciting!


  2. Hi Amy.

    Congratulation for your Fellowship! I am a lecture from Indonesia, a new reseacher in Architectural Terracotta. I hope that You would share your researchs result on Terracota to me and wish someday you can give a seminar about terracota in my University……… Good luck!

    • Hi Ambar, Thanks for your message. I hope you have been able to follow some of my trip via my blog on my website. My report will be published by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust at the end of the year, which I will happily share with you, do send me your email address. I’d love to learn more about terracotta in Indonesia. Amy

      • I have read your report in WCMT website, that’s perfect and very useful to me for lecturing about material in interior design.

        There is a picture at bottom left corner in the cover page. Is it like the blue brick that made in Stafford shire of England ?

        I will be glad if you can explain about the blue terracotta, if you have any information. My email address:

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